Aurora Patio Furniture

July 2020 / News

Plymold Aurora

Patios across the country are coming to life as Americans return to outdoor dining. The all-new Aurora Series from Plymold provides a comfortable, easy-to-clean outdoor furniture option.

Beautiful & Low Maintenance

Aurora Outdoor Table

Built from recycled plastic lumber (think milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles), with a powder-coated aluminum frame, the Aurora series is environmentally friendly. The color is consistent throughout the entire plank material and has UV inhibitors. It will not rot, split, crack, or splinter and will hold up in extreme weather conditions.

The recycled lumber and the products themselves are all proudly made in the US. With the high demand for outdoor products, imports can be sold out for the season. Aurora is built domestically and is available to ship in 4 weeks.

Available Products

The Aurora Series includes a side chair, bench, a variety of table sizes, and either a surface mount or grout-in dining height table bases.

Aurora Outdoor Table and Bench Patio chair recycled plastic


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